Wcw Feature: I Was Six When I Started Make Ups(NvWcw)

WCW Feature



How are you doing?

I’m fine thank you.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Ada Wokocha, I’m a student of Afe babalola University, currently in my 3rd year, department of intelligence and security studies.

Where are you from?

I’m from Abia state.

Relationship Status

Currently single.

I see, tell me about your first Love

Lol. I’m yet to meet my first love.

Really! How important is getting married to you

Getting married is very important to me, I would love to get married and start a family some day, but it’s also too important to rush into.

If you were to elope somewhere, where would it be,  who you taking with you and why?

If I were to elope, I’ll definitely go to Dubai, I’m not in a relationship so I don’t know who I would take

Any particular body goals?


Who is your biggest crush?

Chris Hemsworth


Role Model

My dad

What are yourHobbies?

I love reading.. not school books though lol

What do you do?Talk About wht you do in general, how u started too.

I’m a makeup artist, I work mostly in school because I do not have a studio yet, I developed this passion when I was about 6 and I mistakenly shaved off my eyebrows lol! It was a tough time for me, going to school everyday, everyone laughed at me, after a while my mom started drawing artificial eyebrows for me, to make me feel better while I waited for my natural ones to grow back. So I started wearing makeup from a really young age and with time I became passionate about it.

What is your biggest fear?

Not achieving the goals I set for my self

If you had $10m right now what would be your first move?

Lol! Buy my dad a nice car!

Pretty straight forward. What are your social media handles?

Twitter @ada_wokocha. Instagram @ty_neeeee, @house_of_marble . Fb Ada wokocha

It was nice chatting with you, will do this again soon



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