WCW Feature: My Goal Is To Build The Africa Of Tomorrow Starting With Today And Also Telling The African Story From My Perspective(NvWcw)



Please introduce yourself
Ok My Name is Temitope Adeola Akinsemoyin,I am from Lagos,Nigeria.
I am a socialprenuer,Humanitarian, Medic and Fearless influencer.
I run an initiative called The Deola911 Movement a movement to empower the future of Africa.I also own a Media Outfit called Dinastia Co.

NvWcw Temitope Adeola Akinsemoyin

Wow! Let me take a minute to process this.

Lol!Let us break it down as a “socialprenuer” what do you do?
An entrepreneur that makes money from social media and the digital world.

Yeah I get that, but Is it as a PR? Or you don’t restrict it to that?
I don’t restrict it to that.

Ok, How long have you been doing that?
Since 2015

And your Deola911 initiative?
 It became a brand in 2014.But I have been into humanitarian work for as long as I can remember.

Ok, You doing all these solely?
I have people who volunteered at the initiative at different point in time.
My Media Outfit have made me partner with a lot of people in the industry within and outside Africa.

Ok nice, You mentioned something about medic?
 Yes. I have two BScs one in Medical Sciences and Medical Microbiology.And Also a PGD in physiotherapy . I have my PhD in view.

Ok, thats great

Let’s talk about your schooling, Where did you get your Bsc(Both)
Igbinedion University Okada,In Edo State and OUI,Osun State.

How do you cope, how do you merge all together
If you have a passion for what you do,it is not stressful.

Nice. Do you have anyone you look up to?
 I draw inspiration from different people.Anybody that fits into whatever situation I’m in at that point.I Admire Michelle Obama and Folorunsho Alakija.

 Ok! What are your hobbies?
 I love to read,cook, and travel alot.

I’m sure you travel a lot, Where in the world have you not been to that you would like to go someday?
Wow.Thats a tough one but I do love to visit Algeria and Morocco.


Do you have Goals you wish to achieve soon. Both personal and your work
 Well,my current goal is to build the Africa of Tomorrow starting with Today and also telling the African Story from my perspective. Yup you know I was up on an African Mentor Website just like Forbes Africa, it called Mentor Me Africa.i was titled “Mogul in the Making”
I was also the official Styling/Makeup Artistry for the last Miss Tourism Kenya.

What organizations have you worked with?
FIIRO (Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi),FCFMT (Federal College of Maritime Technology,Lagos),UN (United Nations Africa),Ministry of Tourism Kenya.


 What is your biggest fear?
The fear of not fulfilling my purpose in Life.

Last Question if you had the power to change anything in Nigeria what would it be(Just one thing)
 That would be empowering the local communities with basic amenities of life.

 Nice, Please drop your social media handles
Instagram @deola911 twitter @deola911 and Facebook TheDeola911

 It was nice chatting with you

ok. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Temitope Adeola Akinsemoyin on one of her humanitarian works

Temitope Adeola Akinsemoyin on one of her humanitarian works

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