Wcw Feature: I Was Bored During My Teaching Practice Days In School So I Started Drawing (NvWcw)

WCW Feature

NvWcw Abisoye Fadare



How are you doing?

I am fine thank you.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Abisoye Fadare

NvWcw Abisoye Fadare

Where you from

I am from ondo state

Relationship Status

Lol… Well depends on who is asking but I am in a relationship

I see. Tell me about your first Love

It was almost everything about first love but distance was the issue

How important is getting married to you? 

Its not as serious as people take it to me I believe in being stable in all areas before marriage

If you were to elope somewhere, where would it be,  who you taking with you and why?

Errm maybe to a food filled place ,with my good friend Olamide cause they is no better person to go with apart from maybe my brother

Any particular body goals?

Well maybe add weight in the right areas

Where would you like to add weight?
Hips and ass

Lol… I just had to ask. Who is your biggest crush?

Presently… Still thinking 

Happy thinking. Your Role Model? 

It depends in the area of my life for example I want to be a wife/mother like my mum. 

What are your Hobbies?

Drawing , designing painting and lazing around

What do you do?Talk About what you do in general, how u started too.

I am an artist , also a freelance model at the moment till I get an agency I guess … I started drawing officially in my final year of school It was during my teaching practice days I was bored out of my mind then decided to draw something and it looked good so I went on and on from drawing patterns to actually drawings things till I started painting and now to where i am and hopefully going to a better place in my drawing career and modelling came about mainly because people tell me I have the body for it and all that even though I tried not to put my mind in it so as not to get heart broken if I don’t get chosen for an audition or something. So basically I just do makeup modelling and other stuffs of freelance nature

There’s this general conception or view that to be a model you have to be “slim”, a runway model especially. What’s your take on that? 

Like you said “general conception ” doesn’t necessary mean it supposed to be so , I believe it all depends on what’s the designer has in mind; there could be a collection for plus size women so plus size models would be needed you see that its not always slim models that are needed

NvWcw Abisoye Fadare’s Art

What is your biggest fear?.

My biggest fear is my brother dying

If you had $10m right now what would be your first move?

Tell my brother about it and ask for his advice what I should do with it

What are your social media handles

@b33soy for Instagram

@quinB33 for twitter

@fadareabisoye for facebook

                                   NvWcw Abisoye Fadare’s Art

It was nice chatting with you, will do this again soon


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