The Story: Unholy Pleasures Episode 8

…As promised Episode 8 is here sooner than you all expected…

“It is very urgent” he said as his voice dropped to a level that was beyond sexy, he was looking at her in the eyes and she immediately got the message.

He went straight for the buttons of her blouse and undid them from top to bottom to reveal the lacy bra she had underneath. His mouth covered hers and his chest pressed against her skin, his tongue moved from her lips to her neck and down to the tip of her breasts.

His lips drew in her nipple and sucked on it like a starving animal. She held her breath, she didn’t even have the energy to think all she wanted was him; all of him.

His hands moved down towards her rib cage and then lower. He soon found the elastic waistband of her panties and he slid them down. She wasn’t sure what color of panties she’d worn that morning but now she knew she was bare to her knees as he had lifted up the printed skirt she wore up to her waist.

Hillary’s fingers moved slowly in between her legs and spread her open so he could find her pleasure bud which he did. She moaned and held on to him even tighter as she was afraid she would fall; she was practically standing on her toes in her 5 inch heels.

Hillary slid the length of his finger in between her legs and found the entrance he’d been looking for. His finger was thick and she tightened around him then he began moving his finger slowly in and out. She rained her juices on his hands and He slid in the second finger and continued the movement while kissing and licking her nipple.

She moaned

“Damn You’re gonna make me cum” she whispered and immediately she did in sharp spasms and contractions that tightened around his finger. He stayed there until she was finished then he whispered

“I need a condom” and then he immediately realized there was no way he could find one in there

“You don’t” she whispered then went down and knelt in between his legs, immediately she undid his belt then she carefully zipped down his trousers and pulled it along with his boxers to his knees. His erection sprung free and she gasped.

It was huge; she wrapped her fingers around it and kissed the tip she couldn’t help but lick her lips. He was delicious and without any hesitation she covered her mouth on his erection he groaned and that made her suck, drawing her tongue under and her lips over the top.

She repeated the process, stroking, sucking using the fluid from her mouth. She lifted her eyes and locked her gaze with his and the fire in his eyes, the rapid rise and fall of his chest and she knew he was enjoying it.

She nuzzled the sack beneath his full manhood and with that Hillary threw his head back and let out a silent groan and his seed spewed out as his penis gave her slow nods.

They both laughed and she handed him a paper towel from the top drawer of her table then she wiped off his sperm that was sprinkled on her chest and on the floor

“That was intense.” She said and kissed him on the lips

“I just hope no one heard us.”  He said and she smirked

“Let me worry about that.” She said as she buttoned her blouse and flattened her rumpled skirt

As he was about to leave she called him back and asked him to sit and he did

“I will be going on a business trip next weekend and I was wondering if you would like to come with me.”

He was quiet for a second as he thought about it.

He had never been on a vacation and he wouldn’t mind one either plus he knew that the trip would be fun.

“Yea, I’m free next weekend”

“Great!  I can’t wait.” She said and he smiled

He got up to leave then she said just as he was about to open the door

“Please wait when you’re trough so that we can go home together.” He nodded and leaned over then kissed her on the cheek.

Hillary checked his wrist watch almost every five minutes he couldn’t keep his mind off Joan. The thought of her mouth around his cock kept replaying in his mind; he imagined what it would feel like when he was deep inside her.

He wanted to hear her scream and call his name as he drove himself in and out of her. He was still buried deep in his thoughts when he thought he heard his name, he looked up and Rita was there standing in front of him…

…To be continued

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