The Story: Satisfaction Episode 3

…The next morning I woke up at about 8:30am Biodun was still fast asleep. I rolled over and watched him, last night had been different; he’d never made love to me like he did yesterday. I started to wonder if it had anything to do with the club and all that talk about hooking up with other couples.

Then I remembered the way Biodun had been staring at Clara’s breasts. Was Biodun unhappy with me? I thought hardly about what I wasn’t doing right then I remembered Tayo’s words and as I tried digest what I would do if Biodun cheated on me I recalled Tayo’s face and he was unbelievably handsome.

There was something about him that I liked probably his lively, playful nature. Or maybe it was the way his eyes brightened when he laughed it was kind of a low sexy and husky laugh. Then I felt flutters in my stomach when I recalled the way his breath felt warm on my neck when he whispered in my ear. Suddenly I could remember how he smelt.

The weekend was over faster than we expected. Throughout the weekend all we found ourselves talking about was the night at the club. On Monday morning we said our goodbyes Biodun kissed me on the cheek and we both went our separate ways.

I work at a construction firm and we were expecting one of our big clients so I had to hurry and get everything set up before they arrived. We had to convince them to award us the contract to build a new shopping complex on the upper side of town.

We had everything set up and I flattened my rumpled skirt and rose to greet our expected clients. I was shocked when Tayo walked in along with some other young men and women. Everyone introduced themselves and when it got to my turn I couldn’t take my eyes of Tayo and he winked at me; I felt uneasy throughout the entire meeting.

After about an hour we rounded up the meeting and as we saw our clients out of our office building Tayo walked beside me.

“You look so amazing in work outfit” he said and I smiled.

“Thank you. I hope we were able to convince you and your team to award the contract to us.”

“Oh you convinced me alright.”

There was a brief silence then he said

“I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot and I would love to know you… and your husband. As friends, we could have a friendly dinner and I promise we won’t say anything to piss you off. Here’s my card, please call me and we’ll arrange a day that will be convenient for you” he said and handed me his perfectly crafted complimentary card.

And with that he walked to his car without looking back.

When I got home that evening I told Biodun about whom I had met in the office and he seemed eager to meet with Tayo and I was even more bothered.

“Are you attracted to Clara?” I asked and he avoided my eyes

“What kind of question is that?”

“Biodun answer me.” For the first time in years I called my husband by his name and he immediately knew I was dead serious

“Baby you’re my wife. How can I be attracted to anyone else?”

“Oh please, don’t give me that bullshit. I see the way you look at her; I can see how excited you are to meet her again.”

“Alright you want to hear right? You will hear. Yes I want to have sex with Clara and it’s not because I love her; look at us Titi we are a boring couple. All we do is work, no friends to hang out with. Our sex life is practically dead. So if you want to crucify me for being honest about how I feel go ahead and do it. I see a lot of my colleagues carry tiny university girls and have fun with them. Meanwhile they pretend to be perfect husbands at home; I have never cheated on you. But I want fun, I want adventure, I can’t lie about that.”

I was heartbroken by the bitterness I heard in his voice and what hurt me the most is knowing that he was absolutely right. We had no social life, no friends we didn’t even watch TV.

I fought back the tears that welled up in my eyes. We were a couple that rarely had arguments and I wanted to keep it that way.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to lose you to anyone. What we have is really special” I apologized and he held my hand

“You know that I love you so much and nothing can change that.”

We talked about the whole scenario and worked out some ground rules and with that we set up a meeting with Tayo and his wife…

…To be continued

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