The Story: Satisfaction Episode 2

…We walked behind him as he led us into the moderately crowded hall. He introduced us to his wife and I noticed her eyes linger a little longer on my husband

“Pleasure to meet you; my name is Clara” she said and held out her hand to me. I shook her hand briefly and her husband introduced himself as Tayo. He was quite handsome and his wife wasn’t so beautiful.

She wore a bum short and a blouse that revealed a large amount of her breast and I thought it was inappropriate. My husband ordered for some drinks and he hit it off immediately with Tayo, they started talking about all kinds of things from work to politics and football. Clara didn’t seem like someone I could chat with so I busied myself with my phone while I took slow sips from my glass. I was buried in my phone when I felt someone hold me from behind and I turned around and saw a man probably in his mid-forties smiling widely and I frowned. I was about to start yelling at him when Tayo quickly dragged him away from me

“Don’t touch please. They are with us” he smiled at me reassuringly. I was confused and I turned around to look at Biodun who seemed even more confused. I Turned around and asked Clara

“I thought this is a couples club and everyone comes here with their wife or husband. Why would someone make advances at another man’s wife?”

She was about to reply when her husband said

“I told you before that this is a different kind of club. And that’s not just because it’s meant for married couples but because in here, any married couple can hook up with another couple and have sex; you can call it a foursome if you like. You can switch partners and do anything you like with each other as long as it stays between the four of you”

My mouth dropped in shock; I turned to look at Biodun who seemed amused by what Tayo had just explained

“In other words I can let you kiss Tayo right now while I watch. I am particularly turned on by watching him screw another man’s wife” Clara added and Biodun laughed and said

“This is crazy. So, how many couples have you played this game with?”

“Well, we don’t just go around banging anyone we meet here though some people do that but we try as possible to stick to one couple. The last couple we hung out with moved out of town so we are looking for a new set, maybe if you guys are interested we can have a really good time”

I couldn’t believe my ears; I looked around and watched a young woman give a man a lap dance and Clara quickly pointed out that those were not a couple and their spouses were probably somewhere making out. I was still trying to wrap my head around the entire situation when Tayo drew closer to me and whispered

“You know there’s a ninety percent chance that your husband is going to cheat on you. Why not let him do it with someone you know and have fun as well. You know it’s not cheating when both of you are doing it” I couldn’t hear any more

“Biodun lets go.” I yelled at my husband who was already staring at Clara’s boobs

I rushed out of the club with my husband reluctantly following me behind. As soon as I got into the car I screamed

“Have you gone crazy?  Why would you even listen to that crap?”

“Calm down.” He said and put his arm over my shoulder

“Please let’s go home now”

“Baby, that guy was probably just pulling our legs. We came here to have fun let’s go back and have fun. Besides we can’t have sex with anyone in there if we don’t want to. Please honey let’s just have a good time tonight.”

I considered him for a second and I realized he actually wanted to have a good time with me and it would be unfair to rob him of the opportunity. After a few minutes I agreed to go back inside with him. Tayo knew I was pissed with the whole conversation about hooking up so no one brought it up. We had a good time at the club. We danced, had drinks and the dj played lots of our favorites. At about 1:00am we decided to call it a night and headed back home and I was a little tipsy; despite all the drinking Biodun somehow managed to stay sane and he drove us home. Once we got home he grabbed me and kissed me on the lips. His tongue teased mine in a way that I’ve never experienced before; his lips devoured every inch of my skin as he kneaded my breasts with his hands. I moaned and he covered my nipples with his hot mouth. Sex had never been this passionate and I felt a little different.

Soon all our clothes were laying on the sitting room floor he placed me on the sofa and without saying a word he pulled out his cock and for the first time in a very long while the lights were on and I saw my husband’s full erect dick. He started to work his finger over my crotch as I laid back and watched his erection grow even bigger. He knelt between my open thighs and kissed me everywhere. I shivered with ecstasy he brought his cock to touch the opening of my pussy as I felt the tip of his cock rub along my wet slit. He lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders as he positioned his manhood and penetrated me. It felt like I had never made love before, each thrust was firm yet gentle I moaned with pleasure and my moans seemed to encourage him to thrust even faster. Soon I climaxed and he followed few seconds later. Biodun and I fucked one more time that night before we both dozed off to sleep.

…To be continued

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