Relationship Story: The Cost Of Love Episode 3


…“But I want to do this, I love you, and I want you to make love to me and teach me everything” she said in a small voice and his heart melted. He held her face and kissed her, their tongues collided and he undid the buttons on her dress and it dropped to the floor revealing the lacy bra that covered half of her boobs.

He could see her fair smooth skin, it was smooth and soft, her round boobs bounced and he felt like devouring them but he stopped himself, he lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. His erection was throbbing, he laid her on the bed, and he slowly undid her bra and slid her panties down her thighs. He could see her juices drip and he gave himself a moment to admire her beautiful body, she had round and perky boobs, her nipples stood erect like cherry on cake, she had a nice flat belly with a cute belly button, and her pussy was covered in curly pubic hair.


He kissed her neck with feather like kisses, then he went for her boobs, he’d imagined this for months but now they were all his. He pecked each one and then he slowly put his lips on her left nipple. A moaning sound left her mouth and he looked up at her, she had her eyes close with a frown of excitement. He continued to suck on her boobs, sometimes slowly nibbling on her nipples, at the same time he was fondling the other with his hands.

He kissed her belly and she jerked and put her hands on his head. Then he got down on her and spread her legs and got a magnificent view of her pussy, it was pink with brown curly hair covering it. He slowly started rubbing it, it was already wet.

He slowly inserted his finger in and she moaned as if grasping for air. Then he put his mouth on it, she held on to his head tightly as he began to lick her wet crotch, she grabbed the bed sheets and moaned loudly, he continued to lick, she tried to get up but he held her down and continued to devour her with his tongue, she was getting wilder and he could tell that she was buried in pleasure so he increased his speed, fucking her with his tongue.

She moaned loudly and sprayed her love juices all over his face. He rose up with a smirk on his face and her eyes were closed with little tears rolling down her cheeks, she seemed exhausted, soon she opened her eyes and saw that his face was wet then she wiped her cum off his face

“I’m sorry; I never knew that would happen this is my first time.” She said sounded embarrassed

He smiled at her and again she said

“It’s my turn, I am not really an expert at this but please guide me if I am making a mistake”

She unzipped his trousers and removed them along with his boxers, his cock shot free and she stared at it as if in awe then she put her hands on it and said

“I’m going to suck on this like a lollipop.” He opened his mouth to say something but she lowered her face into his erection and slowly began to suck on it.

She opened her mouth and tried to take it all in but her mouth was too small for it. She looked up at him as if to ask if she was doing it right and he nodded in pure excited and groaned then whispered,

“Use your hands”

She obeyed immediately rubbing down his shaft and sucking on his cock. The sight of her sucking and rubbing his cock made him so aroused the pleasure was beginning to build up and he didn’t want to ejaculate just yet, so he stopped her and lifted her up to himself kissed her, then he laid her on the bed.

He positioned himself and looked into her eyes there was a look of affirmation from her then he realized he didn’t have a condom.

“I need a condom” he whispered and she said

“It’s okay, I trust you, and I just had my period so I know I can’t get pregnant yet”

He slowly rubbed his cock over her wet clit, then he gently glided himself into her, she closed her eyes and bit her lips. To ease her pain, he covered his lips on hers and gently pushed in further into her pussy and soon, he hit her hymen. She wrapped her arms around him and he could feel tears running down her eyes. He remained still and continued to kiss her nibbling her lips tenderly and passionately and then she began to respond to his kiss. Then slowly he began to hump in and out of her, maintaining a slow passionate rhythm, and then she began to let out moans of pleasure and ecstasy.

Her facial expressions showed that she was enjoying it and he continued to fill her with his sheath, she moaned murmuring his name and jerking. She grabbed the bed sheets as they were both approaching their peak. Her face was beautiful to look at he watched her eyes roll back as her vagina began to contract and before he could think he felt his semen rushing into her. He tried to remove his cock but couldn’t she held him close he spew his cum inside her as they both exploded in a mind blowing orgasm. He fell on top of her; a mixture of their juices stained the bed. Then he slowly brushed her hair with his fingers and kissed her briefly on the lips.

“I need to get you a pill. I don’t want you getting pregnant; you have your studies to pursue.”

“It’s my safe period, but if you insist then I will take the pill”

“I hope I didn’t hurt you.” He said tenderly and she smiled

“No. I actually enjoyed it.”

“I love you Olivia”

“I love you too.”

He held her up and led her to the bathroom where they both hand a long shower, laughing and playing with the cool water. He loved her dearly and she did too.

After that day, Desmond only visited during the weekends as she needed as much time as possible. She was really busy going for lectures and attending to all her school activities. But their friendship and romance didn’t waver, and they went on long dinner dates and she would spend hours telling him about things that happened in school and he would listen and smile. He made sure everything she needed was available; he regularly sent money into her bank account and gave her some cash whenever they were together.

Months passed into years and soon she was in her third year in the university. They had a few arguments but always resolved it in a matter of hours. One weekend Olivia decided to surprise Desmond, she went to the market and got some groceries to make Goat meat pepper soup which was his favorite. Then she headed straight to his house which was on the other side of town.  When she got there she found his car parked outside so he was home but even if he wasn’t she had a spare key. She knocked on the door briefly and opened before she could get an answer and Desmond turned around to look at her, he was surprised to see her.

“Sweetheart, you didn’t call to tell me that you were coming” he got up and hugged her then kissed her briefly on the lips”

“Yea I wanted to surprise you.” Olivia said with a big smile on her face almost immediately Jasmine walked out of the kitchen carrying a plate of noodles in her hands and instantly the smile on Olivia’s face disappeared.

“Des love, your food is ready.” Jasmine said pretending not to notice Olivia who seemed more disappointed than shocked to find her there

“What is she doing in your kitchen?” Olivia asked looking Desmond squarely in the face and he knew that she was pretty mad.

“Baby it’s not a big deal she was just making indomie for me.” He said innocently

…To be continued

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