Mcm Feature: It Took Recession To Bring Out The Creativity In Me (NVMCM)


Good day

Please introduce yourself
Dirisu Constantine Omokhagbo Aka Mr Volk

Mcm constantine

Mr Volk

How did u get the Mr Volk?
I have always loved wolves, and I have a thing for Slavic and German languages, I needed a brand name and a wolf as my logo, Easy, I searched for the word for wolf in Slavic which is Volk, and volk in German means People, Volk was born.
 You mentioned brand name what do u do?
I am a shoe Designer, though the plan is for volk to be more than just a shoe design brand.
How did that start?
Well I have always been a handy kinda guy and creative too, but it took recession and being broke to show me how to put my skills to good use, Thanks Buhari! Went to the market, got tools I needed and materials, made my 1st slippers on my own, no training, showed my best friend (Amina Agbator) and few other friends they encouraged me to go on.. and here I am.
So you never got any training?
I intend to start training soon, be better than I am now.
 So how did you know the right tool and How long have u been doing this?
Knowing the right tools was kinda easy because they are basic tools, scissors, cutter, gum, needle and thread etc. Been doing dis for since march, but started the business in may.

Where is school in all these?
I saw that coming,  I am a graduate of the university of ilorin, I hold a B.Sc degree in political science, presently I am running a second degree in Economics, at the University of Ibadan. being a distance learning student makes it schooling friendly with work.
 Ok good, any childhood dream you still chasing?
No sir! Wanted to be a Doctor or a Surgeon but Mathematics happened.
 What about your first love?
1st love was way back in 2009, Her name is Judith Ojei

 Please tell us about that? What happened?
We exchanged numbers on Facebook(it was dope then) she was in boarding school, midnight calls were also cool then, I would call her every night and we will talk till dawn, my sister was in same school but in junior class (jss2 I think) Judith was the Senior Prefect/my sister’s school mother too.. long story cut short I didn’t play my cards right and I got friend zoned after she graduated from secondary school though we are friends till date.

Interesting, Relationship status?
In a relationship
 Your relationship or $10m?
Lord have mercy..My girlfriend will breakup with me if I dont take the cash.
 Lol cool, Lastly if were t change/save anything in the world what would it be?
Save lives from hunger
 Ok It’s cool,please drop all ur social media handles both business and personal
Personal I.g @consty_Volk
Facebook Dirisu Constantine
Twitter @constantism


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  1. Maria onoyoki Dirisu | July 24, 2017 at 4:56 pm | Reply

    Wow wow. What a nice writeup. Im proud of you dear. Sky is not your limit.

  2. Waoo!! Keep soaring higher God gat ur back

  3. My the lord will continue to guide ad protect u for us,this is just d beginning of ur breakthrough.. U shall prosper more than u don’t expect..keep living dear..from ur cousin sis Nana.

  4. My very own dollophead. I am well pleased.

  5. Nice one bro.. Sky is ur limite dear.. More grace..

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