Mcm Feature: It Doesn’t Really Matter Where The Person I Marry Is From, What Matters Is My Happiness(NvMcm)


Please introduce yourself
My name is Jimoh Oluwatosin, I am a photographer shuttling between Nigeria, and Ghana.

Tosin Jimoh

Where are u from?
Where is that?
Lol…I’m a citizen of Africa. I believe in oneness
Lol! Don’t we all?
Typically, i’m from Kwara state, since in this part of the world, one’s state of origin is the father’s side.
But my mom is also Igbo.
Oh really! So I can say you half cast then ?
Lol…i guess so.
Nice I was actually going to ask you, if you could marry someone of a different ethnic background
Yea…why not? To me, it doesn’t really matter where the person’s from…it matters if the person makes me happy, and understands me.
So we should not be surprise if you get married to even a Ghanaian then?
Don’t be..
Cool, So why Ghana and Nigeria though?
I did my tertiary education in Ghana.
Okay! So what did you study
Business Admin
How did photography come to play?
At 1st…it was just to while away time before i entered uni…But then, i grew fond of it.
So you started professionally when?
Is there a particular type of event you cover or there are no limits?
No Limits!But i try to make my shoots more customed to suit the occasion.
So you do weddings, birthday and all?

Yea…if u’ll indulge me
Any formal training?
Nah…not really
Not really or not at all?
Not really
Can you explain the not really please?
I went for training at a time…but i wasn’t really serious with it…i didn’t even write the exam.
Okay! Are you now taking Photography full Time?
No…I have other qualifications i’ll like to fondle with a while.
What are the qualifications?
Lol…lets just say white collar qualifications
I understand, Role models?
In photography? Or in Life?
In photography, Tybello, James Anthony, Bob pixel The list is endless ArtbyAyo In Life, Fela My dad Myself Music. I love music.

What are your hobbies?
Meeting people, travelling
If you were to live any where in the world, where would that be?
Hehe, last question to Legalize Marijuana or not to Legalize marijuana ?
Legalized or not…it’ll never be extinct.
Nice… Amsterdam made me ask though,what are your social media pages please
My photography Page is @eye_of_jimoh on IG
My personal page is @teejay_og on IG, SC, TWITTER
Ok… It was nice chatting with you
The feeling’s mutual

Eye Of Jimoh’s Photography

Eye Of Jimoh’s Photography

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