Mcm Feature: I Always Had That Dream Of Joining The Military Especially The Navy!(NV MCM)

What’s up?

Whats Good? 😁

Lol! You just had to answer with a question

I know right.

Yeah! How are you doing?

Doing great Thank God.

Please introduce yourself

Bada Oluwadamilola🐼

Where you from?

I am from Ondo State

Relationship Status

I am in a Relationship

Not that it matters but With who please?

Lol! Aderinsola Adeoye

Interesting, What are the features you like in the opposite sex?

AH! i really dont know but basically i love petite girls a whole lot

Hmmm! Tell me about your first Love

Wooow, My first Love this is way back 2006 if am not mistaken her name is Bisi Amoo, same class jss 3 then i just got back from boarding house Nigerian Navy Secondary School ABK only boys and i was terrible with communicating with females.Long story cut short the feeling wasn’t mutual.

How important is getting married to you?

For me basically i think marriage is something that anybody should venture in when you know within yourself that you are spiritually,psychologically,Mentally and Materially ready for because its no joke.The rest of your life with someone is no child’s play.

Any particular body goals?

Well for me not really have always been on the tall and slim side and yes have tried all sorts to add weight but to no Avail,went further to the Gym but man is too lazy for all those weight lifting.I cannot come and kill myself anybody who cant like me like this RIP lol.

Who is your biggest crush?

Honestly i dont think i got one

Role Model

My Cousin Adeosun Afolabi Esq

Mcm Feature


For me my Mentor is my Late Dad for a lot of reasons i cant go into details in but living a life like his and been a dad like him is what i pray for.

 What are your Hobbies?

I love listening to music,Swimming and Eating.

 What do you do? Talk About what you do in general

I am currently residing in the states and am an Associate at Walmart waiting to be an In-state so i can go back to school for my second Degree.First degree was in Acturial Science and Insurance University Of Lagos. NYSC was in Abuja was Already working in an Insurance firm in Ibadan and leaving the Country came up i honestly did not want to leave but am Glad i did now😇

 What is your biggest fear?

Honestly i got two fears but the first is not relevant again which is not been successful or rather been a failure in life because i have overcome that but now my Fear is not to have a son like myself for those who really know me i am a tool and my mum never stopped praying for me and now am total different person She is my Hero!!!!!

Did you have childhood dreams that never materialized? 

I went to a military secondary school at a very young age, i always had that dream of joining the Military especially the Navy!

So what happened?

Well i had a surgery and they assumed i was not fit.

 Sorry about that. If you had $10m right now what would be your first move?

$10m is a lot of money,First my tithe to God Bless my mum in whatever way i deem fit ,Yes am a guy and i have business plans i will Execute that send my family on vacation while i think of  how to make more money from the one i got  since am not really a vacation person and finally i would have an NGO for widows LEGIT widows because i know what it feels like to lose someone you Love

 Favourite Quote

My favorite quote of all time is Mum’s Prayers Keeps me Going

Definitely one of my favorites too. What are your social media handles

Personal IG handle: dammyofficial

Facebook: Bada Dammy

Twitter: damie_official

Snapchat: dammy_official

Mcm Feature

It was nice having you

My pleasure, and thank you.

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