Love Story: Unholy Pleasures Season Two Episode Two

Continue from episode one…

“Sshh, its okay” she said and I stayed still

She slipped into kneeling position and popped my dick out of my trousers. My breathing began to increase. She rubbed her hands over the length of my shaft as if in admiration and then she sucked on my cockhead and while sucking she was playing with my balls. I tried to be as quiet as possible I didn’t want anyone to notice what was going on. The movie went on and she continued to suck on me taking it deep down her throat, I clenched my fist and stifled a moan that was about to leave my throat.

She licked all down my dick, stopping at intervals to place small feather light kisses. Then she reaches for my balls as she kissed each one gently and returns for my dick again taking it deep into her throat, damn she was so good at this. No one had ever given me such an intense blow job and the environment we were made it even more intense, she sucked on me harder and I held her head in place as I fucked her face, the pleasure was building up and I knew I could cum any moment so I held her hair and she could tell that I was about to cum and she pressed her lips even tighter on my dick and began to moan quietly I was lost and I shot my cum into my mouth and she voluntarily squeezed gently on my balls making the orgasm even more intense. She swallowed every drop of my cum, licking my dick till it was limp. Then she rose up to seat with a sexy devilish laugh and then she whispered in my ear

“Your plantain is magnificent”

I put my dick back into my trousers and quietly watched the movie. When the film was over we walked out of the theatre together and found the two young ladies waiting

“Mom, where were you, we looked all over for you” one of the ladies said and I was puzzled I looked at her, she looked too young to have such grown up daughters

“Oh sorry darling, I joined this very nice young man watch a movie. He took really good care of me”

I smiled at the ladies and my eyes met with the older one. She was an angel to behold; I have never seen such a beautiful woman in my life

“What’s your name?”

“Mark” I replied quickly

“My name is Becky and this is my sister Florence. Thanks for taking care of our mom” she said and I was embarrassed. I nodded

And turned to look at their mom who gave me a dirty look

“I can see Mark likes you.” Said to Becky who eyed her

“Stop it”

“Why? he was checking you out”

“Mom, stop it” she said and turned to leave

The woman who had just given me the best blow job I have ever had in my life walked closer to me and opened her purse then she handed me a complimentary card and a big wad of cash then she said

“Call me, you owe me a favor a return” and with that they disappeared into the crowd leaving me confused and somewhat excited

I stared at the complimentary card, her name was Celine. Her phone number was written boldly on the card. I smiled to myself and headed home.

When I got the house the boys were playing video games and I dropped the groceries which I bought in the kitchen

Oboy you don hammer. Na that babe give you money?”

I was a little hesitant I didn’t know whether it was okay to tell them about Celine, I knew there was no way I would hide it from them.

“No, she didn’t give me anything. In fact she even stood me up at the cinema”

They both burst into loud laughter and suddenly I realized that it was a good thing that she didn’t even show up or I wouldn’t have had that amazing experience

“I have gotten a sugar mummy” I said and suddenly the room went quiet

“What do you mean?” Seth asked with a skeptic look on his face

I handed him the complimentary card and he screamed loudly

“Guy, you are not joking, are you?” Seth asked as he studied the small card on his hand

“I am not joking” I said and snatched the card from his hand

Later that evening while Charles and Seth were out to watch football I dialed the number on the complimentary card it rang twice and then she picked

“Hello” she said in a small voice

“Hi, this is Mark, uhmm we met at the cinemas”

“Oh dear, I am in the middle of something can I call you back?”

“Yea, sure.” I said and hung up immediately and saved her number

An hour later she called back as promised

“Hello Mark, I was in a meeting and it didn’t want anyone hearing us. So how are you?”

“I’m fine ma’am; I just wanted to thank you for the gift you gave me today”

“Oh you liked the gift yea? I could give even more” she said with a low laugh and I immediately realized she was talking about the blowjob

“What are you doing on Monday afternoon?” she asked

“Nothing Ma’am” I replied

“Great, I will text you an address, you can drop by there. Just take a taxi, it’s pretty straight forward and you should be able to find it. You can call me when you are ready to come.”  I agreed, we bid each other farewell and I hung up and a few minutes later she texted me the address…

…to be continued

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