Love Story: Unholy Pleasures Season Two Episode Seven

…Continue from last episode

“Hello Darling, I have been trying to reach you. How was your flight?”

“It was great. I am little tired” I replied quickly”

“Oh… sorry love, if I was there I would’ve given you in a nice, massage.” She said in a sexy voice and I was a little irritated

“So what about Becky?”

“What? Why are you asking about her?”

“She went on the same trip as you”

“Oh yea, she’s probably in her room” I replied

Becky walked out of the bathroom some moments later smiling and I smiled back at her

“You are so amazing.” She said as she crawled up into the bed.

“No you’re amazing.”   I said and planted a kiss on the tip of her nose

She watched me and I could read a thousand messages her eyes sent to mine. She placed her gentle fingers on my chest and licked her lips, a show of subtle seduction.  I ran my hands down her skin, it felt flawless to touch. She turned her back to me and swayed her hips a little, minutely dancing for me; I gave a few delicate swipes to her ass. I marveled at the smoothness of it, I was already fully erect, I had lost consciousness of how tired I was from the flight and all I wanted was to be inside her.

I moved her ass back just a bit and she adjusted, I slid into her and she was very wet. I put my hand in front of her body and grabbed her full warm breasts. She started to buck back into me like a pro and soon our rhythm began to synchronize. I felt fitted right inside of her; the space was perfect for me. She was moaning and encouraging me without saying any real words, once in a while she would throw her head back and look at me, the combination of her moans and the way she looked while bouncing up and down my manhood, gave me away and soon I had spewed all my cum into her, she shortened her movements and was now squeezing me with her pussy.

Her vaginal muscles contracted and she held me captive, she seemingly wanted to get every drop of me into her, it was a little uncomfortable that I came so easily but it felt so good. After along minute or so, she finally loosened her grip and released. This was by far the best love making I had ever encountered. She was definitely a pro. We tidied ourselves and headed down to a restaurant to eat.

Throughout our stay, I never let her out of my sight. We made love a couple more times and laughed at each other’s jokes. After a few days we returned back home.

One day I was in the office when my boss called for me to come to her office, I walked in and found Celine with her legs crossed, from the look on her face I could tell that she was really pissed.  My boss made small talk with me and after sometime excused herself leaving just me and Celine in the room. I was immediately uncomfortable

“You have been avoiding me” she snapped and

I shook my head

“No ma’am, I have been very busy”

“Really, busy doing what?” she asked and I was quiet

All though I was in love with Becky I felt a strong sexual attraction to Celine, I initially wanted to end it with her and tell her that I was no longer interested is sharing anything intimate with her, but Celine was a very enticing temptation. She had a certain look on her face and I knew there was no escaping her spell. She pulled me to herself, grabbing my belt and looking at me in the eye and then she said

“Have you been fucking someone?” I shook my head

“Are you sure? Well I am about to find out” she said and smiled eyeing my groin. She went down on her knees and unbuckled my belt then she grabbed my dick into her hand and pressed it to her lips, enveloping my rapidly hardening manhood. I stood there in surprise as my legs began to tremble.

What if someone walked into us in such a compromising position? I looked at Celine and I knew that she didn’t care; she coaxed me to sit, with my dick still inside her mouth. She opened my thighs wider and buried her face on my dick, sucking licking and slurping with careless abandon. To my embarrassment I could hear myself moaning and whimpering with pleasure like a total idiot. All I wanted was to cum as hard as I could down Celine’s throat. Damn it felt so good, I was engrossed in the sensations her tongue gave my manhood and I felt the pressure build as cum filled my balls, looking for a place to escape. I moaned from deep within my chest as cum sprayed out of my dick into the warm, tight moistness of her mouth. After allowing me to regain my composure, she said

“I know you’re fucking my daughter and I am only going to say this once. I don’t want to see you anywhere near her again. Break up with her”

I was silent for almost a minute, did she find out I was screwing her daughter by giving me a blow job? It was absolutely absurd but I didn’t want to go on with an affair with the mother of the woman I loved more than anything but I knew if I didn’t obey her orders. I would lose my job and Becky too. It was a very dicey situation and I knew I had to work out a plan.

After my discussion with Celine, I became really troubled. I didn’t want to lose Becky, what we have is absolutely special and I knew that I had to find a way around the whole situation. Whenever we hung out I felt kind of uneasy and she noticed. She asked me severally if everything was okay but I would smiled and tell her I was fine. Celine on the other hand bothered me with frequent calls, she wanted to have sex with me at all costs but I didn’t want to be caught with her in a comprising situation.

Celine had no shame whatever and would willing do something raunchy in the public and I couldn’t risk Becky finding out. I had no one to talk to about it, at a point I considered hooking Celine up with Seth, but she was not interested in him. She told me she wanted me and no one else. Now I understood what Charles meant when he said sugar mummies where not as easy as people played them out to be.

One evening after we closed from the office, Becky insisted I go back home with her, I tried to refuse but she insisted and told me she was suspecting that I had something to hide and I was acting like I had someone else, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I agreed to go with her; hoping that we won’t meet her mother at home.

….To be continued on the final episode

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