Love Story: Unholy Pleasures Season Two Episode One

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Story begins…

“Forget it man, sugar mummy no de pay well o. they are very possessive and them no go give you any connection. The best they can do is hand some cash and once they are bored they will dump your ass” Charles said loudly I watched my two best friends argue and I realized how bad being unemployed can be. The boys had thought of different ways to make money and they argued about what could wheel in enough cash to sustain them. My name is Mark and I am a graduate of physiology with good grades, I finished my youth service two years ago and till now I haven’t found a job.

I live in an apartment with my best friends Seth and Charles. We met during our university days and have been friends since then, Charles teaches at a secondary school and he foots most of the bills. While Seth and I looked for small jobs that brought in a little cash

If I see sugar mummy wey go pay me 50k weekly I no mind, I go service am wella” Seth said and I answered

“Guy, don’t let Dorcas hear you saying this” he scoffed at me and headed into the kitchen to check the concoction rice he was cooking

“What about that your girlfriend?” Seth asked staring at me

“Who?” I asked

“Lillian, who else are you toasting?”

“Oh, she’s fine. I am taking her to the movies this weekend”

“No offence to you, but I don’t like that girl.”

“You don’t like her, why?”

She no fine” Charles yelled from the kitchen

“Aside that she’s not too pretty, she has a horrible character. She’s rude, and once again I am sorry to say, she no just make sense”

“What’s the point of apologizing when you would just say something cruel” I asked

“I am trying to water it down so that you won’t feel too hurt”

“Whatever, I like her I think she’s cool”

I did like Lillian she seemed like a nice person even though she liked to put up an attitude like she didn’t care but I knew that deep down inside her she was a nice person and she just needed some time to show her tender side.  When Charles finished cooking we sat down to eat and told more stories about girls that had come into our lives.

Seth was the Casanova, he had a reputation for having several women in his life, he didn’t like to commit, even though he claimed he was being sharp I knew that he didn’t want to commit to a single woman because he didn’t want to get hurt. Charles on the other hand has been with one woman since I met him. He was a very principled young man and I admired that about him. He didn’t drink alcohol and took his faith seriously and above all he was unbelievably generous and would share anything he had without a second thought. I was the neutral guy, I didn’t like women too much, I had only three girlfriends while in the university and they had all broken up with me. I didn’t put my heart too deeply in relationships; I have a philosophy if its real it will last. So when my past relationships ended, I knew they weren’t real that’s why they didn’t last.

“To have a girlfriend in this country right now is like funding a building project” Seth said and he was right, girls like to be pampered and spoiled with gifts and for an unemployed man like me it would take an understanding woman who wasn’t solely interested in material things to date a man like me. I just hoped Lillian would fit into that category.

On Saturday, I picked up my favorite shirt and sprayed my cologne of course my friends made jest of me for taking Lillian out to the movies. I called her and asked if I could come meet her at her place but she asked me to go to the cinema and she would meet me there. A few minutes later I was at the cinemas I joined the queue to get tickets for the movie and I noticed a young woman probably in her mid thirties or early forties walk in with two young women. I could tell that she was a prominent woman considering the security personnel that followed her around.

I called Lillian again to find out if she was already at the cinema but she told me that she wouldn’t be able to make it and that she had something to do. I was irritated, Seth was right, Lillian had an attitude problem.  On the brighter side I was glad I hadn’t paid for the tickets. When it got to my turn I brought out my wallet to pay for one ticket but the cashier told me that the lady had paid for my ticket. I turned to look at her, she was beautiful, for a white woman she had full breasts and a nice curvaceous body, her lips were full and luscious and she wore a fitted dress that exposed her breasts and her beautiful curves, she winked at me I found it a little weird but I knew it would impolite not to thank her for paying for the tickets so I started to walk towards her but she met me half way before I could get to her

“Thank you very much ma’am for paying for the tickets” I said as politely as I knew how and she smiled

“It’s a pleasure dear. I want to join you watch the movie, I hope you don’t mind” she said still smiling and I began to feel uneasy

“Sure.” I said even though I wasn’t sure why she wanted to see the movie with me. I led the way into the movie theatre still a feeling a little uneasy

Not long after we settled in the movie started. It was dark already so I could hardly see her face, she moved closer to me as if to hold me and then I caught her perfume, she smelt gorgeous  the movie generated into a scary scene and she quickly held on to me. I was a little startled and then she slid her hand down my groin I tried to move

…To be continued

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