Love Story: Unholy Pleasure Season Two Episode Three

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On Monday at about 1pm I called her and she picked up almost immediately

“Hi Mark, I’ve been expecting your call, are you ready to come over?”

“Yes ma’am” I answered quickly

When the cab driver pulled over in front of the mansion, I looked at it in amazement It was impressive and I had never been to that part of town and the security man looked at me like I was lost and then I called her to let her know that I was outside the gate. She walked out wearing a robe with a glass of wine in her hand and I immediately got the crazy thoughts that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“Let him in, he’s my guest.” She called out to the security man and he opened the giant gate. The building was even more beautiful as I got in, the landscape was perfect, a nice natural fragrance filled the air and I wondered if it was just my imagination

We walked into the massive sitting room with the most exquisite furniture I have ever seen.

“What would you like to drink?” she asked

“Water is just fine ma”

“Hahaha nonsense, you need more than water for what’s about to go down” she said and I felt a slight nudge of my dick as if in response to her words.  She appeared some thirty seconds later with another glass of wine in her hands

“Have you eaten?”

I shook my head, I only had breakfast and honestly my stomach was beginning to tighten a little bit and then she ordered someone to get me something to eat. After about thirty minutes of just chilling and talking about a lot of random stuff, I had taken about two glasses of the most expensive and great tasting wine I have ever tasted.

She turned up the music and rose to her feet, she was an incredible dancer, she swayed her hips from side to side and pushed me to lie back while she twerked on my groin, she deliberately brushed her butt over my genitals as they grew even bigger. She laughed sexily and said

“I really like you” and then she kissed me full on the lips and then stopped, she led me into a large bedroom with a king sized bed and then she said

“Take off your clothes”

I did as I was told. She moved closer to me, I was completely unclad and then she pointed at the bed and I obediently climbed into it and laid face up as if offering myself to her, my erection was throbbing and thoughts of the last encounter began to replay in my mind. She hovered above me kissing my neck and my chest and down to my groin then she kissed my nipples and I ran my fingers through her soft beautiful hair, her skin was soft and silky against mine, she rose up and loosened the knot around her robe and she was completely naked underneath, her breasts were perky and beautiful I grabbed both breasts with my hands and kneaded then gently, she moaned.

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A few soft kisses were shared and then she said

“You are sweeter than I expected, you’re a good motherfucker aren’t you?” I smiled and  got up to leave but she held me back and said

“Stay with me a little while”  I laid back and watched her slow steady breaths as she stared blankly into the ceiling in deep thought, we laid there for a few minutes not saying any words , we were both trying to gain some strength back.

“Ok Mark, time to go, I need this room cleaned up before my kids get back” she said and kissed me. We both slowly got out of bed. My clothes were scattered on the floor. I got dressed up and then she told me, she wanted us to get together again, she asked me of where I worked and I told her I was unemployed. She studied me for a second and said

“Call me tomorrow, I look for somewhere to fix you, nothing serious but at least to keep you busy” she said and once again handed me a big wad of cash

When I got to the door she said in a whisper

“Don’t go fucking anyone else.” I nodded obediently and walked out of the big mansion and headed home

…to be continued

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