Love Story: Unholy Pleasure Season Two Episode Four

…Continue from episode three

The next day, I called her to remind her of her promise to fix me up somewhere, and she asked me to meet her in town with my credentials. When I got to the address I called her and she asked me to climb upstairs and ask for Jennifer. I did and a beautiful young lady shook my hand and led me to a large office and asked me to sit.

“So you are friends with Celine yea?” she asked and I felt a little uneasy

“Yes, she’s my family friend” I lied

“Your résumé is pretty impressive. Although you don’t have much experience, I see here that you said you have some knowledge in programming”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Ok great. How soon can you start with us?” she asked and I was shocked at how quickly that went

“As soon as possible” I replied

“This is a very reputable organization and as much as I want to do this for Celine, if you don’t deliver you will be sent out” she said sternly and I promised I won’t disappoint.  With that I was offered the job as one of the programmers with a very favorable salary and was asked to resume the following week, I was absolutely excited. As I walked out of the office I almost bumped into Becky

“Hi’ Mark right?” she said with a wide smile and I was stunned

“Yea, what are you doing here?” I asked as I was more pleased than surprised to see her there

“I work here, as an intern” she said sweetly

“Oh… I just got employed here. I will be resuming next week” I said and she reached for my hand

“That’s great, Mark, congratulations” she was still smiling and in all my time on earth I have never seen anyone with a more beautiful smile. Something about her made me chilly

“My friend is having a small picnic on Saturday and she asked everyone to bring a guest, would you mind coming?”

“Yea, I would love to” I said quickly and she smiled again and asked for my phone. I handed her my small mobile phone and she found it amusing that I was using such an outdated device. She punched her phone number into the phone and asked me to call her. I did, even before I got out of the building. Then I called Celine to inform her about the job and thank her for putting in a word for me.

“Hey love, how did it go?” she asked as soon as she picked

“It went well; I got the job. Thank you very much”

“Oh that’s awesome, that calls for a celebration. Meet me at the Rangers lounge” she said and hung up. I looked at my wrist watch it was 11:00am in the morning and I couldn’t understand what she would be doing at a lounge so early in the day but I went there anyway. When I got there it was empty except for the staff that worked there

“Please, I am here for Mrs. Celine” I said to the lady at the counter and she pointed at a back door

I knocked and she cheerfully asked me to come in

After settling into the nice cozy chair opposite her I said

“Thank you so much for the job”

“You’re welcome honey; do you want something to drink?”

“No, I think it’s a little too early for me to start drinking. So what are you doing here?” I asked

“I own this place. I didn’t have much doing after my husband was made ambassador so I decided to open up a small place to keep me busy and at least our close friends can come over to have a good  time.” I stared back quietly at the realization that I was screwing an ambassador’s wife and for a second I thought about the million things that could happen if anything went wrong. I brushed off the thought and smiled at her.

“Fuck its hot” she said fanning herself as she turned up the air conditioner.

“Let’s have something to drink, I can have them make us smoothies since you don’t want any alcohol” I agreed and she ordered for watermelon and banana smoothies. We talked some more about my family and her stay in Nigeria so far and then our smoothies arrived

“Banana’s are my favorite fruit” she said with a giggle and started seductively tonguing the straw in her smoothie in a mock porno style. I laughed and she continued to rub the cup between her breasts which was partly exposed in the tight blouse she wore.

“Stop it please, not here, you’re killing me.” I said

“Well to me, it looks like I’m bringing you back to life” she said pointing at my trousers, my penis had sprung up. I couldn’t help it.

She put down the cup on the table and got up from her chair

“Come on, get that thing out” she said


“Your cock of course” she replied without blinking

“Here? You’re kidding. Someone could walk in anytime” I said and realized that was a stupid excuse, she had given me a blow job in a cinema so fucking in her office wouldn’t be impossible

“I’m not kidding Mark, seeing you get me so wet and I told you I wanted us to celebrate”

She reached behind her back and undid her blouse letting it drop to reveal her perfect tits.

“Would you let your cock out so that I could suck or not?”

All my resistance disappeared at her words; she knelt at the edge of the chair while I hurried out of my trousers. When she grabbed my dick, I thought I would explode right there and then, she held it gingerly for a few seconds and then she licked slowly up the side and then she plunged it into her mouth.

She slurped up and down my shaft and swirled her tongue around the head when she reached the top. She was absolutely a genius at giving blow jobs and as she sucked up and down my dick, I stopped being able to think. Just when I was about to cum she took me out of her mouth and slapped my dick which was wet from her saliva in between her breasts. She pressed her breasts against my dick and began sliding them up and down.

Slowly fucking me with her breasts then she stopped at returned my dick to her mouth and I stood up and began slamming my manhood into her throat, she gagged and pushed me back, I thought I had gone too far but she laid back on a couch that stood in the office and opened her mouth to give me better access to her throat. I slid myself in gently this time and began fucking her mouth as my balls slapped against her chin.

She used one hand to pull me in and the other hand to rub on her clit. She was really enjoying it, rubbing her clit and moaning as she sucked on my dick. I knew I would cum any minute but I needed a taste of her pussy, so I gently let myself out of her mouth and grabbed her legs then pulled her into me, sliding dick into her hole. She gasped and started to buck against me as I rammed into her. We fucked for what seemed like a long time, although I had no idea how long it really was. I had lost all sense of time; she was tight and wet, moaning and rising to meet my every thrust.

“You’re fucking tight” I whispered

“Yea, you like that? You like my tight pussy?”

“Yes” I groaned

“Fuck it baby, it’s yours. Fuck your tight pussy” I kept ramming into her and in no time I exploded in her, as I thrust a few more times her pussy milked my dick and I collapsed on top of her panting. We lay there for a little bit and she released her pussy’s grip on my manhood as cum started leaking down her thighs.

“Now that’s what I call a celebration” she said still breathing fast and smiling at me. She showed me a bathroom and asked me to clean up and I did.

When I got home, I was exhausted but excited about my new job. When I told my friends they were elated and asked how I did it. I didn’t want to tell them that it was through Celine I got the job so I lied that I had applied a couple of weeks ago and they called me for the interview and gave me the job. We were still talking when we heard a knock on the door

“Come in” Charles called out to the visitor. It was Lillian

“Lillian what are you doing here?” I asked and my friends muffled their laughter

“I came to see you.  I am sorry I couldn’t make I that day, something came up” I nodded and offered her a seat

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked politely and she nodded. I served her a soft drink and we started to talk. Then I realized that my friends were right, she wasn’t as pretty as I thought. The top she wore revealed her breasts and there weren’t as perky as i thought. I wondered for a second what it would be like to fuck her and realized that it was a perverted thought.

Then I thought of Becky, her smile was just stunning and I tried to think of what her boobs had looked like and I remember them being full and perky and just like her mother, she had an amazing figure. And I nursed the thought of kissing her soft tender skin and running my fingers through her hair.

Lillian was still talking but I wasn’t listening, I fantasized about making love slowly and tenderly to Becky. Not the aggressive, rough sex I had with her mom but slow, sweet love making. I thought about how weird it was to be screwing both mother and daughter but I didn’t want to stop it. The benefits outweighed the losses. After sometime, Lillian announced that she wanted to leave. She asked if she would see me soon and I truthfully told her I wasn’t sure. All I could think of was going on a picnic with Becky on Saturday.

…To be continued

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