Love Story: Unholy Pleasure Season Two Episode five

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Saturday came and I was beyond excited, my friends could tell and they kept pushing to know who the mystery lady was. But I didn’t want to tell them, I felt like it would be just too crazy to tell them that I was going on a date with the daughter of my sugar mummy.  I finally called her and she told me she would pick me up somewhere not too far from my house,  as I waited for her  to come pick me up I remembered the way she looked when I almost bumped into her at the office.

Not long she after I got there she drove in a beautiful red sports car and parked carefully, I was a little confused when she stepped down, she was wearing a beautiful white silk blouse, the first two buttons on the blouse were popped open which kind of showed her lacy bra and she wore a bum short which revealed her long beautiful legs. She was gorgeous by anyone’s standards, with light skin but dark brown eyes and hair I swallowed and tried not to look at her in a manner that would make her uncomfortable.

She gave me a hug and asked if I could drive, I nodded rapidly without saying a word. She handed me the car keys and I followed her around to the passenger’s side half to open the door for her and half to check her out further. The bum short clung tightly to her ass and her hips swung from side to side as she walked. It wasn’t deliberate but her movement did magical things to my groin.

When we got to the picnic it was filled with a lot of rich kids and we quickly found a nice spot to settle in. unlike her mother she wasn’t much of a drinker and she only asked for a light cocktail. We began to talk about our lives and how different our worlds were. She told me how she discovered that her boyfriend of six years had been cheating and I felt sorry for her. Why would anyone want to cheat on such a damsel, we talked some more and then she said

“My mom likes you” I almost choked on the drink I had just poured into my mouth

“What do you mean?” I asked trying to sound as cool as possible

“My mom hardly ever approves of anyone I hang out; I swear it felt like she was playing match maker at the cinemas”

“You think?” I said

“Yea, plus I know she made you start working in the same place as me, if I didn’t know any better I would have said she is trying to sort of hook us up with each other” I shook my head and she continued

“But I don’t blame her, you’re really likeable.”

“So you like me then?” I asked staring at her squarely in the face, she giggled and looked away and I thought it was absolutely adorable.

We talked some more and after a few hours she announced that it was time to leave because she had other engagements. I drove back to my apartment and then she pecked me on the cheek and told me she would see me at the office on Monday. I got out of the driver’s seat and held the door open for her and she smiled again. As soon as she drove off my friends began yell mock praises at me

Oboy, you be bad guy. Where are you meeting all this girls na, hook a brother up”  Seth said

I shook my head

“She’s just a colleague in the office and she invited me for a picnic”

“That’s a white chic and by white chic standards, you guys just went on a date” he answered

“Absolutely right and that means you guys are boyfriend and girlfriend” Charles added and I scoffed

“You guys should calm down please, there’s nothing there, and we are just colleagues” I said dismissively, my friends were crazy and I didn’t want them knowing too much.

On Monday, I got to the office as early as possible, it was my first day at work and I wanted to create a good first impression. I had a superior officer who I was walking under and he guided me on the things I needed to do. Just as I began to work it was announced that there was a meeting and all staff were required to assemble at the conference room.

I watched different teams from different departments walk in and then I saw her. Becky definitely stood out from the crowd. She looked a little taller probably because of the high heeled shoes she wore; she was also wearing black rimmed glasses that gave her a very professional look.  I was more than pleased to see Becky; she headed straight for a seat and smiled at a few people. I couldn’t help but keep staring at her; she truly took my breath away, wearing a red and black dress that showed her slim curves. She was classic and sexy at the same time. Although I kept staring at Becky throughout the meeting I never got the chance to catch her eye or make eye contact.

I was a little disappointed that she didn’t even make an attempt to look for me in the crowded conference. I recalled how smoothly our date had gone, our friendly chats which turned into subtle flirting were an unforgettable time for me and I had thought that the feelings went both ways. I noticed everyone was clapping and looking at me. Becky in particular smiled widely and I realized I was being welcomed into the organization by the entire staff. I smiled and thanked everyone. The meeting ended in a short time and I returned to my desk. I began to organize the folders on my computer, as the morning dragged on I hoped Becky would drop by and she did,

“Hiya Mark” she said sweetly and I grinned


“I hope you are enjoying your first day at work” she asked and I nodded

“It’s pretty crazy here on Mondays, so I will see you at lunch time ok?”  I agreed and continued with my work

…to be continued

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