Bizzare!!! Passer By Punches Reporter On Live TV Download And Watch Video

A passer by was caught on live camera punching a Russian television reporter. This is definitely one of the hazards on the Job, the Russian reporter who works for a PRO Kemlin tv station had just started to report live to the studio when a man came to interrupt the broadcast and was apparently cursing also chanting “we are going to take Ukraine” then the reporter tried to tell him off. Just before the reporter who was identified as Nikita Razvozzhayev could say “Jack Robinson” Poom! the punch landed on his face.

The Tv station had to cut the broadcast off, but the camera man was able to capture the reporter lying on his face. The passer by who was later identified by other media outlet to be an Ex-paratrooper but the Russian military denied that he was ever in the army. He was though wearing a shirt with OPLOT written on it. OPLOT is a terrorist group that tried to take over a part of Ukraine in 2014. The man had since been arrested though. Download the video below.


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