Access Bank: Access Bank Mobile Banking, Access Bank Recharge Code,Access Bank Transfer Code,How To Recharge Using Access Bank PLC

Following the trends of the Nigerian banking industry, the Nigerian banks have found a way to bring the bank closer to you. I bet you’re asking “HOW?” Gotcha! Ever heard of Access Bank *901#. Please tell me you have. If you have not and you are an account holder in Access Bank Plc; well, good news! You just hit the “HOLY GRAIL”.

With Access Bank *901#, you can perform a lot of transactions which would normally have required you to be present in the banking hall, in the comfort of your home. YES, I mean in the comfort of your home and it does not require internet access (ignore the pun).

As usual we know that we can perform s lot of bank operations using the Access Bank USSD code, so let just dive in and compare notes.

Access Bank Recharge Code: AIRTIME PURCHASE

Self                                        *901*amount#

3rd party                               *901*amount*phone number#

Data purchase                   *901*8#

Access Bank Ussd transfer code: FUNDS TRANSFER

To ACCESS                           *901*1*amount*account number#

To other banks                  *901*2*amount*account number#

Access Mobile: Other Services

*account opening                            *901*0#

*balance enquiry                             *901*5#

OTP Generation                                               *901*4*#

Bills payment                                     *901*3#

Merchant payment                         *901*3*amount*merchant code#

Access Bank Mobile: Charges

The service is free but for transfers to other banks, it costs #80 + VAT which brings us to a total of #84 (you can crosscheck the math if you think I’m wrong)


To use the *901# service, one must ensure that the following bases are covered.

  1. The account must be owned by a sole signatory. This implies that corporate, association and joint accounts are exempted…sad right?L
  2. The account must have a BVN(all banks require this though) and must have no restrictions
  • You must have a workingphone number that is connected to your account
  1. Your phone must have airtime.
  2. Bad news for any mobile subscriber that does not use MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat(I’m sure every Nigerian is subscribed to, at least, one of the four major network providers but, hey, we can never be too certain)
  3. Daily limit for all transactions is #20,000

access b

Good news for access bank customers outside Nigeria, you can use the service as long as you are roaming your mobile number (I don’t even know what that means; I never understood the concept anyway *covers face* but I trust my readers are smarter than I am)



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