Love Story: Unholy Pleasures Season Two Episode Six

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The next few days passed by very quickly and Celine would call occasionally to check up on me, she offered to take me out a few times but I had too much work on my hands and it was almost impossible to find the time to go on such social outings.  Friday came and I wanted to secure some stationary supplies before heading home for the weekend

“Hey Mark” Becky called out and I was a little startled

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you”

“No its ok, I was kind of lost in thoughts” I said truthfully

“Really, what were you thinking about or can I say who?”

“What do you mean who?”

“A girlfriend, someone special?” she asked and I laughed

“I don’t have a girlfriend yet. There’s a girl I really like and I am hoping she’d like me back”

“Oh…” she replied and I could read the disappointment in her voice

“I will tell you more, maybe over a snack. Are you in a hurry to get home?” I asked and she shook her head. We found a nice bar close to our office and I pulled out a seat for her

“So tell me, who’s this girl you like so much, maybe I can give you a few tips on how to make her like you back” she said and I smiled

“Well, she’s absolutely beautiful and smart and way out of my league, I met her at a cinema some weeks ago and we work in the same place. I just don’t know how to tell her that she’s all I think about without ruining our friendship. You know what I mean right?”

She gave a low laugh and my stomach tightened

“Well, maybe she likes you too. You never know”

“You’re sure she likes me enough to be my girlfriend”

“Absolutely” she replied still beaming and I covered my hands on hers and looked into her eyes and said

“Thank you”

“Thank you too” she replied

We talked some more and held hands as we walked out of the bar. Immediately we got out my cell phone rang; it was Celine, I quickly silenced it, because I didn’t think I was ready to explain to Becky why her mum was calling. I saw her off to her car, she offered to drop me off but I declined

“I will be going to church from here, there’s no need to take you all the way to the other side of town” I lied and she smiled. I knew she wanted to kiss me and I wanted too, so I pulled her closer to myself and grabbed her by the waist and covered my lips on hers.

As our lips met my entire body sprang to life, her lips were so soft against mine and it felt as if I was melting into her. Our kiss deepened and I ran my fingers through her hair and I realized that we were standing in the street and I reluctantly ended the kiss. She stepped into her car and I waved her goodbye.

After that day we spent hour’s texting each other, while I sneaked in and out of Celine’s lounge for quickies. Other times I would go to the house while everyone was away and we would have several rounds of marathon sex. It was both physically and emotionally draining, I was falling deeply in love with Becky and the thought of making love to her never left my mind, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I always felt a pang of guilt whenever we made out and how innocently she gave herself to me.

I also tried as hard as I could to keep my relationship with her a secret form her mother but most times our feelings got the best of us. We would flirt in the office and I tried as much I could to buy her little things, chocolate and stuff and she was also very caring.  One day, our boss announced that we had a conference in another city, I was on the IT team and Becky was also part of the team that came from her department. I was overwhelmed with joy to know that we would spend some time out of town.

I surveyed my clothes, I didn’t know what to pack, this would be my first time flying and I was both nervous and excited, my friends were equally excited, they went with me to the airport and Seth took loads of pictures so that he could boast to his numerous girlfriends about his trips all over the country.

As soon as I boarded the plan I found Becky, apparently she had made sure she got a seat right next to me. The flight was uneventful as Becky busied herself with her laptop, she apologized severally that she had a lot of work to do. When we arrived at the hotel, we checked into our separate rooms. I was a little tired, I shook of my shoes and lay on the large bed when she knocked on the door and I let her in.

We began to chat about random things and then suddenly we began to stare each other in the eyes and soon we were inspecting each other’s body or at least I was. She was perfection, I pulled her closer and kissed her deep and let her go briefly, and then she whispered

“I love you” hearing her say those words fulfilled my fantasy; I couldn’t believe that I was here with a woman that I finally truly fell in love with.

“I love you too Becky” I whispered and she drew her head back as I kissed her along her neckline and I lifted her in my arms and laid her down on the bed, then I kissed and caressed her skin.

I took off her top and unfastened her bra and an involuntary moan escaped my throat as I saw her breasts. I wanted to touch her, to feel her and to taste her. She moaned as I rubbed and caressed her boobs, squeezing them in my hands. She ran her fingers over my head pulling me down as I leaned in and sucked her hard pinkish nipple; I nibbled lightly and grazed my teeth over her areola.

She watched in anticipation as I slid down her body and started to kiss her belly and then lower. I slid her panties down her long beautiful legs. She moaned and squirmed as I brushed my tongue back and forth across her swollen clit. I loved how sweet and special she tasted, she looked down at me and watched then she spread her legs and I pushed my tongue deeper into her, she was so tight and really wet. She grabbed my head and pushed it firmly against her crotch and I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy tickling her inner walls on every side.

She went crazy and squeezed her legs around my head and began meeting the thrusts of my tongue while rubbing her clit against my nose.  Her pussy tightened in pulsating movements, she let out a frantic gasp as she climaxed intensely. I brought my head up and she kissed me tenderly with reckless abandon as if she enjoyed the taste of her own juices.

Then she motioned to me to lie back and I did then she undid belt and pulled down my trousers along with the briefs I wore underneath.  She slowly lowered her body, brushing her pussy against my rock hard dick, teasing it with the swollen lips of her pussy. Then she grabbed my dick and guided the tip between her heavenly folds and sat down on top of it with one smooth motion.

I felt myself coated in her warmth and soaked with her juices. She rocked her hips up and down against me, her pussy was really wet and it made our movements really smooth and ecstatic. She rocked her hips faster and harder, I felt myself becoming more alive with pleasure as my orgasm grew. As my orgasm continued to build I wanted her to cum with me I began to play with her nipples with one hand and rub her clit with the other.

At each thrust I teased her clit and nipple even more and I could tell that she was nearing her climax too. Her moans turned into screams as we both let loose and I shot loads of hot cum into her pussy walls. She pulled and contracted against my manhood and I continued to ram in and out of her as we both finished our climax. We lay joined with each other and I loved the feeling of being inside her warm wet pussy. We kissed softly while resting for what seemed like hours, she stared into my eyes and said

“I love you”

“I love you even more”

I said and watched her as she rose to her feet to clean herself up, not long after that my phone rang and it was Celine. She had horrible timing and I was reluctant to pick the call but I knew that if I didn’t she would keep calling.

…to be continued

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