Wcw Post: My Major Focus Is Helping To Build My Fellow Youth For A Greater Future- Queen Nimat(NvWcw)

Please introduce yourself

My name is Queen Nimat Siaka, A sociology graduate from the prestigious university of ilorin, kwara state , Nigeria. A social entrepreneur and CEO Evergreen global initiative for youth and women development That centralizes on advocacy against drug abuse and misuse among youth in Nigeria.

Where is Queen Nimat from?

Kogi state.

Ok! Can you talk about your crown? How you got it and when

I got the crown in October 18,2015 as a second runner up of Miss Curvy Nigeria, which was shortly after my NYSC assignment, and it was a 2 years contract. How I got it??? Well it was a step by step procedure. First, I filled in the form online after which we had our auditions in different states and because I was serving in Ondo state as at then, I did mine in ondo town.  And Alas I was picked among about 35 curvy ladies who were auditioned in ondo town. After which we proceeded to Lagos for the ground finale.We were camped at citilodge for a week , we were trained and tested, as there was several  in house activities. The main event took place at federal palace hotel where I emerged the second runner up as miss curvy Nigeria tourism

Queen Nimat Siaka (NvWcw)


How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been awesome, I thank God. Not been easy but the grace of God has been very sufficient.

Nice to hear that, it must have taken you to places?

Sure, I have been able to meet with prominent personalities in Nigeria and I have also been able use my platform to impact positively in the lives of women, youth and children.

What has been your major focus on your journey?

I have focused  me on helping to build  My fellow youth for a greater future through engaging them in several vocational skill acquisition and as well as tackling the issue of drug abuse and misuse among youths in Nigeria

How has sponsorship been? Have you had enough or any governmental support?

The government has been of huge support because without  them there is no way my team and I could have been able to get all these done

So you have been able to meet your target to a reasonable extent

Sure 100%

Are you the sole proprietor of Evergreen global initiative?

No! It’s a partnership organization

What are the queen’s hobbies?

Swimming and  travelling

Queen Nimat Siaka (NvWcw)

Where is the most memorable placed you have traveled to?


Relationship status? 


Ok So what is next for you?

God knows best But for now its just about my NGO and  entrepreneur

What are your official social media pages/handles?

 “Evergreen_initiatives” That’s for my IG and twitter

What about your personal page?

“Queen_nimat”  For my fashion house is  Vickiezee couture

 It was nice chatting with you Queen

 Same here sir

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