Relationship Story: The Cost Of Love Episode 4 (Final Episode)

…“Oh… that explains why she is wearing your shirt too.”

“Wait oh… what’s that your name again? Who are you raising nose for? You no know say na soldier boy be this? There are a lot of fishes in the river abeg, you know say na deceive him de deceive you, him de nyansh babes for this barracks so stop this dry one wey you de do.”

Desmond turned around his eyes blared with anger

“Get out of my house Jasmine” he said and she drew closer to him

“Hey I was just joking”

“GET OUT!!!” He thundered and she shook in utter shock and quickly scrambled out of the apartment

Once she was gone he turned to Olivia and said

“Baby, Jasmine is crazy, I only gave her my shirt because she stained her top and there was no way she would wear the stained top back home. And honestly I didn’t ask her to cook for me, she came in here and I was making noodles for myself then she offered to help. I am sorry”

She turned away from him and started sobbing and he became even more confused and drew closer to her

“Hey, I swear there’s nothing going on. You know I would never cheat on you”

“What about all the things she said about you and girls in this place”

“C’mon honey that girl is crazy, she envies how much I love you and she’s making up stuff to ruin our relationship.”  He said and gathered her into his arms then gently kissed her lips and wiped her eyes with his hands

“I love you so much Olivia and I would never cheat on you or do anything to hurt you.”

“I love you too and I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

“You won’t” he said and kissed her again, she held him closer and deepened the kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth. She rapidly undid the buttons of his shirt and he sucked on her tongue gently, soon all their clothes were lying on the floor, she laid down on the sofa and he bent over her and began sucking her breast, then slowly and tenderly he massaged her clit, she began to drip wet as he continued to tease her labia and her inner thighs while sucking on her nipples.

Then he positioned himself between her legs and she spread her legs wide to allow him inside her, he started rubbing the tip of her pussy with his cock and before pushing in he said

“Look at me Olivia, I want you to look at me when I make love to you, I want you to see how much I love you”

She swallowed and looked into his eyes, his eyes burned with intense passion and slowly he pushed inside of her without taking his eyes of hers, he pushed in inch by inch until he was completely buried inside of her. Then he began to move in and out of her, each thrust with increased energy her hips moved in rhythm inviting him for more.

She was moaning loudly and he picked up speed thrusting with more force as if he needed to feel deeper inside her, their breathing became faster, both of them moved their bodies in unison and their muscles tightened around each other as their release came close.

“Come with me Baby” he said thrusting faster and they both cried out in unison as they shared their release. He collapsed on top of her and she held him tightly.

“I would never hurt you.” He said and she knew those words were true

He lifted her up from the bed and led her into the bathroom so that they could both clean themselves up. While they were in the bathroom there was a loud knock on the door and Desmond tied a towel around his waist then he went back to the sitting room and found Jasmine already in the sitting room.

Then he remembered that he hadn’t locked the door, she had a disgusted look on her face and he knew why. His clothes and Olivia’s were scattered all over the floor

“Jasmine, what do you want?” he asked with displeasure in his voice

“I came to carry my top.”

He shook and went into the guest room to pick the top lying on the bed

When he brought it to her she said

“Desmond, I hope you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, this girl could be cheating on you and I am not saying this to bad mouth you or anything but I know university girls and I know what they are capable of doing. So please be wise.”

“Jasmine, please mind your business, I don’t need your advice on anything concerning my life.”

She rolled her eyes and walked out of the house slamming the door behind her. Des scoffed and went back into the bathroom

“Who was that?”  Liv asked

“It was Jasmine. She came to pick her top” he replied

Each day Desmond fell deeper in love with Olivia, he wanted to make her his wife and that was all he could think about. He planned that on the day of her final exams he would go down on one knee and pop up the question in the presence of her friends…

(Back to where Desmond caught Olivia with another man)

…Desmond was filled with rage and without thinking he pointed the gun at the man and fired three shots into his skull.  Olivia screamed and the man fell to the ground as blood shot out of his head. “What have you done?” Olivia screamed and began to slap him rapidly on his chest

“Desmond, you have killed him. Oh my God” she frantically began to shake the lifeless body of the man lying in the pool of blood on the floor

Desmond stared blankly at Olivia as she cried and wondered what he did to deserve being cheated on. Their relationship was perfect, he gave her everything she wanted, he was there for her when she had nothing, he taught her everything about loving. She was meant to be his; entirely his, he rubbed his fore head with the back of his hand. His head began to ache at the thought of how many times she’d been fucked by some random guy.

He remembered what Jasmine had told him about university girls, he remembered the huge proposal he’d planned out. He had ordered for a new car he wanted to present the car to her as an engagement present. But that was the least of his problems at the moment; he realized that he had just ruined his life. He stared at the pistol on his hand and hissed

“Olivia how could you? I gave you everything, I loved you, and damn it I worshipped the ground you walked on. What did I do wrong?”

“Desmond please don’t kill me.” She cried and he realized he was pointing the gun at her

“Who is this guy? And how long has he been fucking you?”

“Desmond please, I’m sorry it was an accident. I love you”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!”  He yelled

She had blood stains on her hands and thighs and he looked at her naked body with disgust. He once cherished her perfect skin and he couldn’t stand to see her cry but right now he didn’t care. Every ounce of love he felt for her died the instant he found in bed with another man.

And even though he wanted so badly to fire a bullet into her skull, he realized there was no use, he was prepared to face the consequences of killing a Man and whoever cared would know that he did it because he was betrayed by the woman he loved more than anything on earth.

He turned his back and walked out of the room with Olivia yelling his name.


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